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Spent much for career in the project management space for cybersecurity previously working at tech systems in both the texas army national guard and the us army so a recent guest project manager. Jackie o shack recommended jimmy for the show And as we had a ton of people tune in to see jackie's episode we realized that our listeners are pretty passionate and thirsty for more project management in it and cyber content as a career path. So i'm really looking forward to talking with jimmy butler career path as well as some of the unique aspects of doing project management work on federal and military level. So ginny thank you for joining me and welcome to cyber work. Anchoring scrape to be here. Thank you very much so we like to start with the usual origin story. Question what i got you interested in. It and security. I see that you did. It project management. Going all the way back to your earliest days in the us army so did you learn these skills in your military training or did you bring them to your military training saturday. That's interesting question. And the i i'm very interested in it. I was is actually for my mother because she was a restaurant manager. And that's when windows came out. She wanted to somebody to make poster for her to make worse and all that and speci- so she pretty much told me. Jeanie you're pleased. Learn excel so found a way to learn excel and i was able to do everything for her and fast to the military and i wasn't even in the it. Feel i was in. The warehouse feels processing repair parts. However i guess i type really very fast and my boss was looking at me so people in style processing thirty a day. I was able to three hundred dollars a day. I don't know he was my typing skill. Anything so put. She put me in the office. And at that time i was doing come in a little bit command printing on the unix system and i had no idea what that was i knew i was in the route. But that's all. I knew but that that's when i we realize. Hey i might be good at that. Let me go pursue this field. So i got degree. Computer information system in the bachelor and management information system s master and graduate degree. here i am okay and so you brought you brought your degrees in your experience with you to the us army then is that right. I so i. I was fortunate enough to brench signal corps which to army company occasion branch so when we go into training and of course they did. The army dead provide me enough technical training to understand what is what is the semi model. Ought not really teach you how to manage so my first job is really. Hey you in this first job you got the basic skill you need to enable us to tell us by means my customer my customer my by men is my bosses and they all around me and is okay you better make it hacker so guess what or think you'll may happen there you go. That's probably the best way to learn anything that's for sure. Yeah so. I guess that a few months back we had your colleague genteel shack on to talk about cyber security project management and we were delighted to find out that people are eager to hear more about it. We got a thousand listeners for the episode in just the first week alone so we were like. Let's talk more. Let's talk more about cybersecurity project management so for those who are just considering this type of work. Tell us what a project manager does in cybersecurity. Space like yourself. How does how does your work fit into the larger security landscape at dell so yes i work with jackie so i heard her talking about this. Podcast and jackie is really from laminar project managers. So i'm glad we have her in the few so your questions. First of all. I want to say like in s a project manager in cybersecurity is really come down to and i want to break it down like this and it comes down to three parts. Which is your personal power. You'll expert power and your positional power. So and i can tell you. Seventy percent is my life for me is personal powers twenty percent. It's my expert power expert power.

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