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Now to god. The i know that you are extremely enthusiastic about Terrence marshall going to the panthers. Twenty seven th pick of the second round just a few picks after escorts from lsu tears marshall to the panthers. What are your thoughts on this cal. I'll pick it a fantastic lang spot. you know. I think i was super high on marshall. Probably highest of just about anybody in the industry All all college season. And all you know predrag and my my enthusiasm is not where one bit. I love the landing spot where some people might be turned off on it You know I know that he is not maybe going to be immediately. Be the number. One with robby anderson and with dj more there. But i think he's going to have a clear role from day one because if you look at his body type and how profiles ios not just a big bodied receiver he also is a a burner to i mean he is true burner and You know high jump. High catch radius any any provides the wide receivers did not do as your which was give a teddy bridgewater. Now is going to be darnold. But they didn't have anybody to score in the red zone. You know everything. They they scored was from like you know deeper out or the the running backs the mike davis or you know. But they really didn't have anybody in the red zone that they could produce. So i think marshall steps in right away and could be. I bet he has a real legitimate chance at leading all rookies in in receiving touchdowns ex year. So you know it's somebody that i like. As far as a talent. I think he can easier to age. Well in that offense because He is going back with his former college coach. Now the head coach of the of the panthers. So i think that this guy drafted him whereas he might have fallen a little bit in. Nfl draft because there was a little bit uncertainty right before the draft about some of his medical history. I don't think coach takes them at high if he has any type about about the about his foot injury so i think that this is going to be the guy that's going to be all help you. Now you're gonna have some flashes. He's going to be probably inconsistent. Probably a lot like a like. I kind of value him a lot. Like the where i had claypool asher whereas i kind of knew that there was going to be a lot of competition for targets but i knew that there was gonna be a lot of upset especially if somebody gets hurt And i just think that there's gonna be a lotta touchdown and he's a big guy when people start really understanding how much of a freak athlete is. Don't be surprised if this guy is being compared as maybe even number one wide receiver in this class next year. That's that's how upside. i see you know. I do think chases a better prospect but you know they were on the same team and You know even on the team with jefferson and chase He marshall was extremely valuable piece of their natural shape team. I mean he. I think he had like fourteen touchdowns or something you know. And he had costa twenty yard per catch average on the team. I mean he he really is a tremendous player and then when those two guys left last year you know he played over about a. I don't know about six or seven seven games. you opted out. And he averaged one hundred and fifteen dollars. You're talking about more leading devante smith. It was really. I believe tears marshall who bleeding the country in yards per game you know before he opted out and he also was averaging close to two touchdowns a game you know and this same competition is all those. Stc guy so. I just liked body. I can't i hate to sound like a broken record. But i really do like big receivers. It's not the smaller wide. Receivers can't thrive in that bayer wide receivers don't bust. I just think that when you historically look at all the body types of players that are generally over six foot in there like over two hundred pounds to twenty six. I'd say two to twenty is about the average. You know we get the top hand wide receiver fantasy for fancy standpoint every year. That's probably about the average. So i like my guys. That profile big catch raises. So i just feel like they're more consistent with a when when you get that's capable of being a possession receiver getting first downs and touchdowns. I i like their consistency versus having a field stretcher. We might put up forty points in a game lake. You kyle i am. I am feeling good about carrots. Marshall and about what he's gonna do in his nfl career. The only hold back that. I have with taras marshall and again this could be viewed as a positive based on what i'm going to say in a second is so terrorist marshall hops into offense with dj more lobbying said in christian. Mccaffrey already there. So you're already looking at the possibility of being the fourth target there in carolina which i deal and add that to the fact that sam darnold who i think everyone considers at this point to be in the bottom. Half of the starting quarterbacks is throwing the ball to terrence. Marshall this is this is clearly not ideal so short term. There are some concerns. I do think like you that he's going to be great in the red zone. Short term era. You're gotta be thinking while sam. Donna already has connected to robinson clearly. The carolina organization views. Dj moore's or number receiver cj. Metcalf a christian mccaffrey a year a year ago. He broke the record for the most receptions for running back in a single season ever. She has to view him almost as a receiver. At this point with the matt of receptions which is insane that he's getting one hundred receptions i think it was a year or two ago so that that's not ideal but dynasty football dicey football so not necessarily great redraft person. In my opinion but dynasty football is about the long game and the long game. I see in the long game i see turns marshall absolutely thriving because we don't know a five we anderson's gonna be in carolina long-term. We don't know what the scenario is going to be with. Sam darnold or with christian mccaffrey. Dj more but we know the is one of the best receivers in this class in. He is talented enough will were at some point career. He will get an opportunity probably sooner rather than later if not this year to really showcase what he can do and he has the talent to be a number one receiver. I love his size. I loved as a big bodied receiver. That's a great fan a red zone. There are a lot of good things about terrence marshall and so what i was saying earlier is the fact that not going to be good in the short term is almost a positive here for you as a dynasty are because now we're seeing him fall to the third fourth fifth round pick of the second round which is lower than it should be gone if anything. This guy should be going at the back half of the first half so now because the term concern that comes with marshall. Now you're gonna be able to go up there and gets terrorist marshall and you're not gonna have to reach from either he's probably just gonna fall right in your laps and you're gonna walk is one of the biggest winners in your dynasty graphs. Because here's a guy that has a potential to be a top five receiver in this

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