Where Are We in the Hydrogen Hype Cycle?

The Interchange


I spent a lot of time thinking about technologies that are in their early days today. But where you can just feel the momentum or in some cases the hype building it's generally pretty unscientific exercise as you can imagine. I mean how do you measure the level of hype around a particular technology but one of my little hacks to make it. At least marginally quantitative is use google trends which lets you track. The volume of google searches over time for particular words or phrases so today's episode is all about hydrogen and particularly green hydrogen. So here's what google trends has to tell us the hype around the term green hydrogen really only started to build in late twenty nineteen early twenty twenty. So it's pretty recent but it's been on a steady upward trajectory worldwide. Since then but more interesting perhaps is the geography of these searches. Denmark is far and away the country with the most search activity around green hydrogen more than double the next country according to google. The top ten is rounded out with in order nepal united arab emirates australia singapore new zealand oman norway the uk and canada. The us is number twelve in case you are wondering so setting aside nepal for a second. Maybe somebody can explain what's going on and hydrogen in nepal to me but apart from that the list basically makes sense. I think you could basically group. The country's into three categories. The first group is europe and especially northern europe which is home to i think the most early government support for green hydrogen and where the market indeed may actually take off i.

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