A highlight from Burying the Past with Frankie Delgado

Pratt Cast


Pumped for today's episode. Because of last night's episodes the hills man they are really come at us hard with some good app xtss last night dude going down to s d getting turned up. Well i guess if you're spencer heidi your amber everyone else kind of was just chill anyways. I'm so excited about today's episode. Because i feel like we're getting alec. My favorite cast members on the show early. We had justin bobby last week. Who he's the shaman of the hills. He's the witch doctor of the hills. He's the pirate from parents. The care of the hills. He was amazing. We had jason on a couple of episodes go. I love him. Always one of my favorite people to interview and then of course we had. I wanna say the lead. I call sheet with adreno on episode one and then today so excited to have what i consider to be like the normal people on the show. Like everyone's kinda kooky but everyone's also kind of a normal at this point now in their mid thirties. But i do feel like frankie and jennifer arthur like the most even keeled. Normal people and i have a theory on that. The reason why we don't see a whole lot of them because they're just like normal people will frank. He's got like a normal job and they've got kids and it just there's anything wrong with being normal actually. There's something very right with being normal when it comes to the show looking for like the spencers in the heidi's getting turned up and the brody's of the world taking baths with brand new characters. But even though a lot of their scenes. I feel like are getting left on the cutting room floor. I know as a fan of the show that they are gold. I just need more of them. I want to know what's happening in their lives. Petition for frankie and jennifer to get their own television show so saying so you and the episode. today we're gonna have frankie delgado and jennifer acosta delgado on the show and then actually later. We're gonna have brandon from siesta key on last night's episode as well. It's all happening right here. On the hills. Cast wells casts. Yes to keep out. We just maybe. Just let's just get another name for the show idol. Hi

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