A highlight from Ina Garten and Stanley Tucci on Julia Child and the making of Julie & Julia

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Pushing i don't mean to be method but i really think we need to quote together a bomb squad. Welcome to radio tehrik bomb. I'm your host kerry diamond coming to you from brooklyn new york. We have a special treat for you. Today it's on know. Garton and stanley tucci. Yes in conversation from the julia jubilee. Cherry bombs virtual conference dedicated to the life and legacy of julia child. These two met for the very first time over. Zoom for chat about the film. Julia and julia in which stanley of course played. Julia's husband. Paul they also talk about cooking with meryl streep their love of nora ephron and what they would make julia child if she stopped by for dinner. I wanna even drops a little surprise about her pre barefoot contessa days if you missed the event with stanley in china. Here's your chance to listen in. If you're a new listener to radio cherry bomb. You might not know this but we have a magazine. In addition to our podcast. I am the editor of the magazine. Cherry bomb magazine comes out twice a year and it's all about women and food. Are recent julia child. Issue sold out. We just reprinted it and you can order a copy right now. Swing by cherry bomb dot com to buy. The julia is a back issue or to subscribe. Today's episode is sponsored by crate and barrel one of my favorites. I love their couches. Love their cookware. Love everything crate and barrel. Does i'm going to make a prediction here. I'm not really going out on a limb on this one but summer. Twenty twenty one is definitely going to be the summer of the picnic crate and barrel.

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