Being Everywhere All the Time With Kate Bradley Chernis

Daily Sales Tips


The only way to be everywhere all the time. Which is what we all need to do. All the time now is by of course using some sort of automation and a combination of human element. Right those are the that's the magic sandwiched here. That's the one. Plus one equals three equation. That's kind of a cliche but actually true in this case right so automation whatever software using should a sensibly start you at third base and then the human gets you home and makes that magical run right. it requires effort and taking the time to comment. Thoughtfully to engage. These are all kind of cliche but what does it even means to engage thoughtfully powerfully and it means actually taking the time not just to get to know somebody but to level them up right and leveling up means pushing their agenda forward in a way. That doesn't seem selfless because everybody's onto the game. But in a way that lifts them up. And i mean the best. The best way to sell us to make people have to think you to. Oh you one right. So it's tricky. See we use it all the time. It's kind of like gratitude selling you might say or not selling. You're not selling it. All the best way to sell

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