Most Australian Frogs Intolerant of Human Modified Habitats

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How many different species of frog did you studied. Get your results. I studied a title of eighty-seven spacey's she's almost a third of australia's total number folk. Spacey's we've got about two hundred and four here. Yeah just over two hundred forty. And where did you go round new south wales or where else it was actually. Oh based off citizen science data so data from all across australia we had one hundred and twenty six thousand reports of folks from over thirteen. Thousand participants incredible. Did you ask these citizen scientists. Well that's actually pretty simple. Today was get out there. Get out the frog day app. Press record whenever they had a frog calling and then that's it they just send it off to the australian museum. One of us here listens to it and identifies all the folks that are in that recording. And then they send it to an jones to broadcast it. Yes sometimes they do. Yeah so north. Track to tell how much humans affect frogs and sometimes unfortunately interfering with their ecosystems handed you get that sort of information out so it's all about compiling all that information that we had and then looking at a species of frog and asking. Where does this for lack to live relative to all the environment that's available to it so if it spending a lot of time near the city's and it actually it's range covers all the way from cds to farms farce. Then we can say that. It's actually quite tolerant. But if it's range say is in the city but it only really lives in pockets of forest in the city. We can say that it's quite intolerant. And how many of them are threatened with possibly extinction well we found that almost seventy percent and potentially even more were intolerant of human modified environments so quite large percentage of our folks

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