Interview With David Smith, Chief Technology Officer


David welcome. Hi david oh me on the show. Monday and it's already seventy reporter back and forth as a new seatbelt on pulling it on rave for cooking. Great that's so great will welcome and i. There's so much that we're going to cover obviously with your position in what you're doing a we have been talking about that as we started. Risky business And you your title chief. Technology officer keeps coming up. And i didn't even know that that that position existed and clearly. This is something now districts everywhere have you and probably have many To deal with this New life that we have of kids using technology so cher cher little bit how high got started. And and what your what your connection is with tustin and and you've got a very busy office. It looks incredible Let me just say this. Your first show You talked about Bless you thirty years of industry and staff either years news industry in a gun sight because that's mine member which means on talking to grow shorts which is really nice right. We all started when we were ten right enter. It was a little different for that for me. But i'll speak for myself by i've been in. It all of my life from the astara and seventy seven with a field trip to hide the nfl him with technology I spent the first twenty years of my career in the private sector Just enjoying my. For conform number large companies on the structure departments everything from finance vacuums. You support is designed applications support and design and everything i worked for some video game companies coming up which may need king on the rotten's for as my kids are

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