A highlight from Creating Lasting Memories and Hated Bands Crashing Your Party


To honoring and morning military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the us armed forces. And i'm going to have a little bit of a different take on memorial day. No offense whatsoever to anyone in the military or who's been in the military when you listen to this episode but after this episode. I think you'll understand why structured the episode this way because part of remembering and honoring military personnel. Who die in the active duty as you have to build memories with them before they unfortunately pass away. It's about enjoying the time that you have with that person before you no longer have the chance to enjoy it with them. In the future and these are some of my thoughts on maximizing the time that we have with the people that we love you look out the window at the oaks blowing in the wind. The bees are buzzing around the flowers. It's a beautiful summer day in. The sky never seem so blue.

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