How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster to Your Office


Hey everybody my name is vince. Perri and i am the commercial claims advocate. I'm a licensed certified public adjuster. And if he didn't know what a public adjuster is a public adjuster is a person who represents policyholders homeowners business owners and building owners throughout the entire insurance claims process. So if you suffer a loss to your home your business or your building we represent you the policyholder to make sure that the insurance claim is paid according to what is supposed to be paid that the claim is set up documentation evidence so on and so forth to make sure that you receive the money that you deserve to put your home or building back together again. The commercial claims advocate is on youtube and all over social media. Educating public adjusters. All over the country to make sure that they get the information that they need to represent their policy holders the way they're supposed to they give joining me today and today. I'm going to be teaching you a couple of things how to prepare for natural disaster to your office or to your building and how to make sure that you have enough money to put your business back together again as fast as possible. So let's get right to it. So the first thing is is how to prepare for an natural disaster. I'm going to give you three steps. How to prepare for natural disaster before a natural disaster or any kind of loss or insurance claim even occurs to your building or to your business so step number one have an idea of what your insurance policy covers and doesn't cover so if you're a building owner you need to make sure that you have the proper coverage is in place to make sure that you're building covered. Is it only covered for exterior. Is it only covered for interior cover for both also is hurricane or fire. Covered is water damage covered. These are you need to make sure to know before loss occurs so that when the loss occurs. You are positive that you've got coverage for it if you're a store owner or an office unit owner and you're leasing space out you still have ownership of everything that's going inside of this office or store so make sure that your insurance policy covers not just all the contents of your store or of your office cover the tile flooring does it cover the wall does it cover the paint does it cover the fixtures and cabinets and stuff that are inside of this storefront or inside of this office building. Make sure you have an idea of what's covered and what's not covered and put this into a safe place somewhere.

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