Why Are We Drawn to Certain Fragrances?


Do you have any theories as to why wage roll to sit in fragrance families. Because hannah and i both love a halt man smell and i don't know if i need to explain hot man smell to you with hot topics punditry but way. Describe it as like woody. Would you say that. People have certain affinities to sit in fragrance. Family juice so happens with that is the must mile fragrances. That adding six e or luring a fragrances. The seat in the aromatic Category and how that works. Simple architecture of central in Lavender herbaceous high and in the woody muskie nuts in the base. And it's that therapeutic type of musk ingredient that really relates to why people are drawn to those talks of fragrances and that can be created with both digital ingredients like am or using an ingredient. Ombu agree from the spoon while which we're going to get into that discussion. Yes so i find it. We'd like so inter sense. That probably are masculine as a part time. And it must be because of that as you said ramonic- salute wake. What happens with those types of fragrances. Thank work with the essential oils on st and especially with a musk. seasoning credible bio finnity with the oils skin as well so applying on the pulse. Points way you get that fantastic. Sodas throws spade is why people lasota drawn to that. It's a bio with unity. And it's warm any and very very

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