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I can't imagine anyone voting against your status. In commission on the grits assault since the civil war the countenance monitoring categorized. I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you what's his drive guy. Great look at this occurring here swing serious political point. Yes you go there. You go there to do something and then people asked question. You're kind enough. Answer the question. They need to ice cream to drive. Good morning good swings. Welcome to morning. Joe. it is friday. May twenty eight is friday everybody with us. We have pulitzer prize. Winning columnist editor of the washington. Post and msnbc political analysts. Eugene robinson white house reporter for the associated press. Jonathan lemaire is with us and the co founder of axios. Mike gallon for it. Wait for it. How you doing mike. Happy holiday friday happy holiday friday. I tell you what one thing the. It was not a happy thursday yesterday for a couple of pittsburgh pirates Jonathan lear. this this video has gone viral. It's something show actually any nine year old kid what to do to wells here you go. You just get all you step on the bag and then eggs over okay. Now for those. Who don't know baseball if you tag this guy. The innings over doesn't matter fat guy. Scores are not score. Doesn't count you just tag. The runner and he's out because that's the force play and yet jonathan like it seriously. This is bad. News bears break training. And go to pittsburgh. I don't think i've. I don't think i've ever seen i feel so bad for these kids on the pirates. I just i tell you i. I've been coaching jackson's. He was nine years old. And my coach. Bryan and i. We would have gone crazy. We're just screamed. Touched up bag touched up. It's like nothing i've ever seen. There were two out. This clip was everywhere. Yesterday it broke through not just among non baseball fans but non-sports hands. There is an hour. It seemed like my twitter feed was nothing but this video and the same joe i. I'm an assistant coach. My son's nine year old team. Let me tell you the huskies. They've got an out on this play and credit. The hobby vyas the base runner there for the cubs. It's creative bursts of inspired madness turnaround going backwards. Every instinct to i face he decides to go backwards and the pirate first baseman just had a brain lock and results in a run when he could prevent it by stepping on the base or tagging him and now we have a highlight or claim freeze. This right right yeah. Can you freeze his right here. Can we just freeze ball right there. So go back just a little bit. So here's the thing again if you don't know baseball here's the only thing you need to know. What baseball a can you bring it back a couple where holding you look at this so this is all you need to know the guy who is by the plate. He is the third out right. Here's what you call in baseball now. This guy right here. He's got the mall gene robinson if he chose to he could've just said hi. Do the guy going past home bait and he could have sat there and he could've asked buyers because he he was in the base path and buyers couldn't go anywhere he could smell the ball. It would have been one of the greatest moments in baseball. Resolving the ball he waves to the guy goes thanks for running. That runs can account. But i'm gonna talk about shakespeare. Hobby is hamlet is king and rare. Now there's so many to choose from like his sonnets and hobby would either at this. Sit there and listen to talk about. Shakespeare are just give me is over because the only thing that matters and he just stood there intact right there. I how. i don't know jean. please help me. I'm falling down on the floor. You need to put a cap over me to walk me off the stage. I think we do joke but You know considering or somebody said very much. That's exactly what it was. How do not step on me doing all right. It's been fine. This looks like this. Looks like when i was going to see the atlanta braves in the mid nineteen seventies with four thousand people there. I called it. The pat rockett arabic because pat rockett was shortstop. They couldn't even they're growing chicken weed and the infield. But this is about as i think what we should do is we. Should we should get a collection and we we know rich people like people that work at axios. I think we should just pass the cap around this morning. Everybody throw in a couple of dollars and we should by the pittsburgh pirates. Go over there. And maybe get a couple of little league coaches and teach them how to show in south american coach them. Okay everybody. let's get to the news okay. New poll shows nearly three fourths of republicans are ready to close the books on the january. Six interaction insurrections. A new quinnipiac poll shows seventy four percent of republicans. Say it's time to move on. That's compared to eighty say so. Let's see here. it's may twenty eight. This is what how many months four months five months after the insurrection. What what if. What if in i. I'm wondering gene robinson. What in january of two thousand and two democrats and you know what we need. You just move fast nine eleven. Yeah just past nothing to see here. It's it's it's incredible. It's just another another example of that that sort of fantasy world being fantasy world that the republican party is living in now and You know they don't want to think about that because that was a bad thing for them at thing to their guy who who incited the whole thing.

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