Nurse Leadership and Innovation with Lynda Benton and Rhonda Manns

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Talk about how your organizations are adding value to the healthcare ecosystem. And maybe this is one that that you kick us off with. Linda sure will be for covert. Obviously you know. The world looked a little bit different. But i think there's a lot of things we learned in the pre covid world and of course what we learned in the past year certainly the. Us health system as a whole is greatly strained. There's greater patient demands resource demand systematic demands. You know impacting and of course all of that got worsened by the pandemic. I think it staring to say. I think we we also saw a really clear picture of this. At how nurses are really on the front line leading every day and healthcare and what the listeners may not know that nursing is actually the largest and the most trusted segment of the healthcare. That's nineteen years running in the gallup poll. So what we found in our research saw that despite all of the background and the experience that nurses bring to healthcare the resources in this innovative thinking how they put patient you know needs i. What we have found is that the impact of nurses is often underestimated and their expertise is underutilized and healthcare and the company. We think it's high time to change that because we really believe that to move healthcare forward and really make the transformative changes that we need to make. We know we need to make. We need nurses to play hero. Not so we're jj estate where we really are focused on elevating and advocating and empowering nurses to really drive that healthcare change that we know so desperately needed today. A couple of examples of what we're doing for example is really how we're working to support nurses and helping to improve and hone and strengthen their innovation muscles that we know are innately part of the nursing mindset. And that's where we do things like nurse hack for health hackathon and the quickfire challenge series as well as another podcast that we lead with the way quasi now but it's all about really helping to lead healthcare transformation and getting ready to do that. Well those are some some fantastic initiatives and it sounds like it's deeply embedded in the dna of the organization of j. and j. this belief that nurses are making a huge difference and we need to recognize and utilize their talents. More absolutely to your point and we did say that nursing is part of our dna because we really believe that to really drive the change. We need to drive. Nurses are gonna play a critical role. There's four million nurses in the us fall and about one ninth position and the nurses work in every corner of from unity so they have a huge impact in terms of how healthcare is delivered

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