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Rich drop lino. What's upset it now has no plans to limit functionality of users who don't accept it's new privacy policy instead it will send users who haven't opted in occasional pop up reminders about the update previously. What's at plan to progressively limit functionality like losing access to your chat list for users not into the policy. Instagram said its algorithm will gradually shift to give treatment to original stories content and reshare post after previously preferences original content and instagram spokesperson said preferencing original content caused people to believe we were suppressing stories about particular topics or points of view and acknowledged stories. Not getting the reach. People expect them to is not a good experience. According to recently unredacted documents from a lawsuit by the state of arizona against google. Google changed android privacy settings to make them harder for users to find after testing easier to find settings so users opting out of tracking pressured. Oem's like lg too high location settings as well according to documents. Google senior product manager in charge of location services. Gen chai said. She didn't know how google's various privacy settings interacted with each other intel announced two new eleventh jan series processors computations the core i seven eleven ninety five g seven and the i five eleven fifty five g seven both with four cores and threads and enzi graphics with ninety six and eighty execution units respectively. The i seven. I use series chip able to hit five gigahertz with a single court. Turbo boost with the base clock of point nine gigahertz. The internet engineering task force published the quick protocol as a standard. Which is designed to replace. Tcp for data transfers between computers. Quick was first announced by google in two thousand thirteen as an experiment and chrome and use the protocol for fast transfer speeds with the separate recovery mechanism for lost packets and supports faster encrypted connections after a one month delay rivi announced its our won t electric pickup and arwen. Suv deliveries will start in july. The company plans to contact everyone with the launch edition preorder by november and hopes to complete all launch addition deliveries by next spring apple will delay the launch of apple podcast subscriptions to june previously announced his coming in may the company also acknowledged delays in the availability of podcast content and access to apple podcasts. Connect over the past several weeks saying the issue is now resolved then mo updated its privacy settings to now let users make their friends lewis private or restricted to friends previously friendless always public. It's unclear a friendless will remain public by default for new users row hammer. Attacks were first demonstrated in two thousand fifteen showing that targeting. A row of d-ram transistors could legal atrocity into adjacent rose to intentionally flip the bits held in memory now security researchers at google published details on a half double row hammer attack which takes advantage of increased deer density to potentially flip bits two or more rows away. Stopgap mitigations have been released. Four the attacks but full fix would require a change in how dioramas engineered going forward apple released. Twenty twenty supply chain responsibility. Report conducting over eleven hundred assessments including one hundred without prior notice across fifty three countries looking at suppliers assemblers smelters and refiners. The company found no cases of underage labor in the year rejected eight percent of perspective suppliers to potential compliance issues and said it had ninety three percent complaints in its supply chain for its working hours code which caps workweeks at sixty hours and requires overtime to voluntary and analysis of the fitbit ap k. And the google play store by nine to five. Google found a snore and noise detect feature which uses a watches microphone detects nor specific sounds above a baseline threshold. Fitbit is also working on a sleep. Animals feature which correlates different sleep styles with animals like assigning restless sleeper. A bear or short sleeper a hummingbird india's totta has acquired a majority stake in india's big basket grocery delivery service. It will fit in as one element in plan. Totta super app. That could also include the fitness app that ties also reportedly looking to acquire and finally yami posted a video showing a new wire. Two hundred watt hyper charge tech charging four thousand million our battery from zero to one hundred percent eight minutes. The company also showed off. Wireless one hundred. Twenty watt hyper charge able to fully charge the same battery in fifteen minutes. No word on when either would be implemented into a device. Remember from our discussion of the tech news of the day subscribed daily tech new show. And you'll be tech new dot com. You can find show notes and links to all these headlines there as well. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you next time. And from all of us here at daily tech headlines remember have a super sparkly day.

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