Instead of Chasing Happiness, Do This


Because they're busy trying to be happy. So here's the thing if you don't strive for happy what you strive for right. I mean if you're not trying to be happy in this world than what should try to be well. Here are a few words that come to mind. Because i spent most of my life trying to be happy by trying to be happy i was not happy. It's almost a mirage you know. It's almost something that were chasing and by chasing that thing. We're not getting there. If that makes sense. I'm trying to think of where else in life that happens. Of course my my brain instantly goes to sexual. But it's almost like yeah. It's like if you try to give someone in orgasm then you may not. You know what. I'm saying like the chance of you. Giving someone or an orgasm is exponentially higher if that isn't your intention but your intention is more about connection or about Sexual expression or exploration. And i think when your goal is something like that then the orgasm is the byproduct right and so i think instead of chasing happy. Whatever happy looks like for you. There are other things that you can try to build. And i say not chase. I don't like the word chase. It has kind of lined with a powerlessness. You know it's line with disparition Building makes sense to me. That's something that feels honest and the building is earned right so instead of chasing happy would if you build some of these things

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