Sarah Harding on Dharma Journeys of Practice and Translation


Sarah i wanted to welcome and thank you for joining us on the wisdom dot chat but i wanted to start with how you first encountered bosom. How did you go down this past Was it through a book or you meet a teacher. How'd you first encounter the buddha dhamma. How far back should i go. Nats let's keep it to these lives. Okay that's fortunate since i don't remember the other ones Yeah i will. I got interested in meditation in eastern phosphine. Everything while i was still in high school actually and then i read some books like autobiography yogi and things like that and i read the life of miller that was one of my first folks which has stuck with me all this time till now even and then i What happened. I met some tibetans in arizona prescott arizona. Actually in dan. I dropped out of college in went traveling and ended up in the east and Kind of tried to forget about the buddha steph for a while but eventually came to nepal yan You know got tired of all the fun stuff in there was colpon happening with lava yes shea of coupon in dan That was it. I kind of you know was stock. In like bob dylan which have gone last taken that last detour in so then i went and met cholera in pay went from the. Someone showed me a picture in that coupon retreat in i headed to find him

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