Could This Be the End of Benjamin Netanyahu's Political Career?


Of Benjamin Netanyahu beyond wise to strike him off, But it looks like a key Israeli opposition party has backed Unity government, excluding Mr Netanyahu, Man in question is the ultra nationalist leader Naftali Bennett, who announced that his party would join talks to form a governing coalition with the centrist Party leader Yah Lapid. Mr Netanyahu's reacted saying the proposed deal would weaken Israel. Oh, in ultimate is senior correspondent at the 24 news child in Tel Aviv and joins us now. Oh, and thanks for coming on I mean, most people if they know about Bennett, they'll know that he has more in common with Netanyahu, uh, with the anyone else s. So why is this happening now? And will it work? Do you think It's happening now. Because over the course of two years, Benjamin Netanyahu has lost more and more pieces of the Israeli right. And there are hundreds of thousands of Israelis who have gone to the polls again, most recently in our last elections and have said they are right wing, but they would rather have a government that is dominated by the center left then have Benjamin. It's now return to power. A number of political parties went to voters and said, You have two options. Option A Netanyahu staying in power Option B, a center left government even though you voter are right wing voter and hundreds of thousands of Israeli right wing voters opted for option B on so that basically led those parties to become a balance of power and then cooked up with the center left. And put themselves in a position on the cusp of ousting Israel's longest serving prime minister. Right. So you suggest that this has been going on for a while, anyway, a sort of Ah, drift or removed. But hasn't he been able to present himself as Mr Security? That's who he's always presented himself as we've heard his comments, saying, Who's going to look after the settlers? That kind of thing? Doesn't that count anymore? Accounts among the large spar thought that Israeli voters and again don't forget this coalition if it's formed, has a very narrow majority. And Netanyahu still in every single poll has a plurality of the votes when the public's asked who they want to be prime minister, But it's not enough. It's not enough for him to get a majority in the

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