What You Need To Know About Toxic Positivity

Kingdom Mom


Week we're going to talk briefly about toxic positively and you've maybe kind of heard about toxic positively. I believe we've talked about it on the podcast before. We've definitely talked about it inside of our coaching program. But i want to touch on a little bit. And there's a reason why last week we talked about manipulation. I because really. I tend to believe that all of these toxic behaviors when you get to the root of them they end up going back to some form of manipulation and toxic. Positively has been used to manipulate so many of us some of us manipulate ourselves with toxic positively. Some of us have been manipulated by toxic positively. So i'm just going to read. This is just google. The definition toxic positively is the belief that no matter how dire or difficult the situation as people should maintain a positive mindset. It's good vibes only approach to life. That's from the very well. Mind dot com. So here's the thing. Toxic positively being positive is not inherently toxic. Right is actually a really good thing to be positive but you know positive and negative feelings are kind of like on a spectrum right and if we force ourselves to constantly be on the positive side of the spectrum what's happening is we tend to invalidate our feelings and other people's feelings. This can lead to serious feelings of loneliness people who are victims of toxic positively whether they have been manipulated by taxes positively or they are doing it themselves to themselves ten to basically stuff all of their emotions until they can stuff them no longer.

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