A highlight from S4E8: We disagreed!


Thank you for your service and your sacrifice shadow to my grandfather. Simon and my great uncle. Peter who are both veterans un-american has played in and won the way for champions league final. Intra miami's proverbial cheating chickens have come home. Reuss and calendar kosta is back in the mile high city with the us men's national team and he's got a trophy to win this sunday. I'm joined now by a man who's not looking forward to the team's leaving the us l. for the mls reserve league. Rabbi marc goodman matt. How's it going. I guess i mean i. We talked about it before we started what we're the downside of the reserve league is that i like red bull tube because they're full of young talented players and come to pittsburgh and i get to see guys like tyler adams and kate and clark before they go off to europe and make millions of dollars so and i only have to. You know pay fifteen bucks for a ticket as opposed to fly to europe. So that's fun But you know it's just an interesting question. Like what's what's the reserve league slash the kademi to team lee gonna look like are they gonna play just themselves. Are they gonna play the. Us sell one houses going to impact. Ussl is this good for soccer Do you have any thoughts matt. I mean it's just it's the new announcement came out by john via jeffer- on the athletic. We should give him full credit. But it's a little confounding right. Yes and a problem. Our was also included in that reporting so certainly go out head on over to the athletic dot com for full details on that. Yeah i guess the the news that's breaking mark. We knew that the analysts reserve league was coming back. I reported clear to the season. Starting in everything i believe. This was around. The time of the draft at the rapids would not be fielding a team in the reserve league if the reserve league starred can twenty twenty one. All this is confirming is that. Mls is potentially looking at making the reserve league d. option and in that providing some competition for usa league one at the d. three status which brings up a whole bunch of legal minute should they came about during the lawsuits of twenty seventeen and ultimately led to that league folding as eventually the us l. championship was what is now the uso championship at time would have been just the us l. or us pro was technically three aiming for d two and the nfl got special basically waivers to count as d to even though they weren't technically division two compliant with those restrictions. So the only thing that i understand it's changed with this outcome or with this news. Here mark is that. Mls as opposed to feeling it as a reserve league in the same way. The primarily has a reserve league. That's not a part of the actual football pyramid in that context now analysts potentially trying to make their reservedly part of the soccer pyramid and compliant with us soccer. I guess the thing that similarly. I'm confused about and i want a better understanding of is you know. Is this just going to be teams fielding twenty three teams are. They're going to be players veteran players that these teams decided they want around some of these young academy kids. Who need minutes. Are they going to sign them. Cell reservedly contracts. There's gonna be no. We use the term two way contract in the context of major league baseball and their minor league system and then similar in the nhl and then their minor league system and then are there going to be players who are potentially in the championship who will pursue that hor either monetary reasons or actually getting in front of a. You know a mls scouts right now mark watching for madison games. I think is an interesting question versus if nothing else you will have analyst personnel from the two teams playing each other watching an mls reserve team. So there's a lot of details that we don't fully understand. Probably because the reporting there will inevitably be a press release from don garber and company. You know with some very confusing. My new details that they think is explicit that only prompt more questions and ultimately on some level in trying to get d. Three status. I think this brings us another issue of how straighted the american soccer pyramid is in ways that it's not anywhere else in the world where you have competing division two leagues until the nfl folds. Now you're gonna have competing division three leagues including a niece and everything just like the we thought analysts was okay when they decided to restart the reserve league get rid of some of the analysts teams. We thought things were going to be. Okay now that some you know is decoupling the us soccer federation and the national teams Relationship with mls those to be being propped up against the With each other and who's leaving money on the table depending on You know tv broadcast contracts in which is the actual more appealing and now has just re potentially restarting the soccer wars with a league that it's needed for youth development everything and also makes itself better. Because you know like anybody else is having fun and making money. Emily can't stand for that and clearly sums not getting. Us t money in a couple of years and everything.

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