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Of psycho nuts too in the mail if speed through a construction zone do they actively have to be working through the construction zone or it's just like all tim schafer there with a jackhammer Aw like that is the giant comcast. It's june strap. The fuck in threes you navy s e e three season whatever that whatever means open season. I'm games that's right Open season with. That was another one of the good achievement games for the xbox are right. Oh yeah yeah movie was think so. Yeah yeah. I got the full thousand points and it was during heat wave and that caused my xbox to read ring keller worth adult laying. Oh yeah worth worth worth it worth getting those points and playing and playing through all of open season. I believe that was a dreamcast joint. Y'all not not a disney Or our proper dream dream dream. Know what a dream works. Remarks cast dreamworks. I wish it was working even spielberg joint pre boom blocks. I mean it kind of looked like it could have been a dreamcast game in a lot of ways abject gershman hello welcome to the show. Hi you'd wires here go ahead. Did the double fine bit you know. That's actually why double fine's called double fine. No is that because they did. They get double fined at the receive. A double fine. Or i guess. Tim used when i worked in when they were in. Marin driving into sf there was a double double fine zone and they thought he wanted name is banned double fine so that he would say. All of san francisco was the double fine zone so literally. One of the signs is why it's called a fine. So that's that's pretty good a someone who also makes whoever used to make that drive There is a lot of. Yeah i mean the the golden gate bridge itself is a double fine zone. So make sense dan show. Have you ever received aid a ticket a double fine ticket. No but i remember passing by double fined once. And i think there is a very poor bad quality cafe near there called food -als and i owe that lady twenty bucks still because i didn't have money to pay at the time but you know don't worry pay back next week and then exac week was my last week at that specific job comeback since nice you her in now you've spoken that out into the world. Yeah it makes you at least lightly. Duty-bound i've had friends and coworkers stop by there and say no i'll cover his bill like here it is. Here's like forty bucks and the lady was no it needs to be from him. Yeah exactly mix actually j. striker. Also you're with us and yes. How many speeding tickets have you received over the course driving career. I almost well one and it was a double meaning that The cop pulled over me but the car that was next to me was also. Speeding was so he pulled over as well. So the cop. Twofer y hit a double fine double fund line. imagine to. Yeah that's right. That's exactly how it works. Could the other person have just kept going. Did they think that they will also getting pulled over. Or oh my gosh. that's i always. I always make sure the fastest person on the road. If there's good if i'm going over the limit as long as someone else so i'm like the one that's gonna get pulled over than like it's free free and easy yeah. I mean both both times. I've been pulled over for speeding. It was both the three ish times. I've been pulled over for speeding. It has always been me doing some supremely it might before it's been some supremely dumb. Just look at it and go like oh yeah i really should have read the road a little bit with all these other people slowing down. Clearly they saw the cop. And i didn't drive home as well everytime i've driven to petaluma. There's always a cop hiding behind a thing or it seems like they always get you there or something. Yeah there's one or two speech. Well there's a one or two pretty pretty regular speed traps on the freeway between here in san francisco and yeah kind of know where those spots are and just just know what to do. But i think the most blatant one. I got i got so i got one on the golden gate bridge that he didn't write up a double fine did he didn't he was like i'm just gonna write this like you were over the bridge. Thank you like one of the kind of go right into. You could just not right the ticket at all. but i guess we're past that point And the but the the most blatant one i got was coming out of reno driving to idaho. And so we're leaving reno and it's fucking there's just nothing out there except for a prison and so we were relatively close to some kind of prison heading out of reno heading you know north and whatever wrote it was i don't know. Did they tell we got pulled over. They did not say they did not. I thought they might but But i was going fast. I was probably doing. He didn't he didn't and again you know they did not right up with full speed but they were more concerned over human trafficking like My wife was was with me and we were we. Were driving up to idaho for thing and They asked her questions he was not driving and they dislike. And are you new to area married. You know what are you. What are you are you. Ma'am are you like like they guess a problem around that neck of the woods so they were trying to make sure that i was not like holding her against her will or or whatever that i wasn't some crosscountry mac or whatever and and and so take jail. I thought they might honestly for a minute there. It was kind of it was it was definitely the weirdest like traffic. Stop sort of situation might have been a part of the check. Your trunk just like the make. Sure it wasn't a second wife. No yeah it was like a a no it's a it's like a hatchback kind of thing so there's no kennedy trunk on it

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