The Truth About Water and Hydration



Water is in everything. Think about a breastfed baby. All their drinking is milk. The body is able to remove the water from the milk. So the baby never gets dehydrated in the same way once. We start eating solid food. Our bodies continue to extract water from everything we consume everything we eat or drink counts so the water in your apple counts the water. That's in the bread that you eat counts. Even coffee counts. Any fluid counts. Look i get. This is a real record. Scratch freeze frame moment for a lot of people but we don't just get the water we need from plain water and if you have one of those days where you just drink coffee all morning and you don't feel great. Maybe you're a little headache key or a little jittery. It's not because you're dehydrated. Maybe you had a little too much coffee or you had it on an empty stike if you like drinking six classes a glasses of water day and your doctor hasn't advised against it. That's probably fine. What i'm saying is that there's nothing medical about this number. We get to make choices about what we put into our body and this is one of those choices if you think about it just using common sense and putting the medicine aside does it seem realistic that we evolve needing to consume that much clean water every day in the span of human history access to clean plentiful. Drinking water is a relatively recent phenomenon and even today in many parts of the world access in clean drinking water. Sadly isn't as easy as walking into your kitchen and filling up glass.

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