Governor Ron DeSantis Conserves Conservatism


I like that. I like your style. I like your style. Jim. We gotta book at at Les lightsaber in the front and back. Of Iran Kenobi. Run the Skywalker. Round to detail. Now there's a little debate I had with the not really a debate, but I was charged with the W F T. L Radio Great radio host this morning on the morning show when a live interview There's a debate would rob about Rhonda Sanderson, Florida Like what if we lose Ron and he runs for president? I don't know. Listen, I don't know. I like obviously, President Trump would probably clear the field in 2024. But they said, Well, do we lose him? And I said, Listen, I wouldn't look at it that way. I mean, think about it is wrong to Santa's more valuable to the citizens of Florida Specifically, if Rhonda Santos is the Florida governor or the president, United States I don't know. I honestly can't tell you that and I can tell you this. The bench in Florida a strong We got an up and coming representative on the West Coast Whole Collier County area over there. Byron Donald's You may have seen my Fox news whose spectacular But as long as Rhonda Santa's keeps conserving conservatism and doing things that conserve conservatism He will highlight him and others on this show with Rhonda Santas. Strikes again.

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