What Are the Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries?


Abroad are good to see you. My friend how you doing today. I'm doing fantastic. And i'm glad you're here because today's top question a really thought an interesting one and it comes to us from alice and alice says heart disease runs in my family and it wasn't until recently that i stopped eating fried food and a lot of fat. But i'm worried that i might miss the warning signs that i have clogged arteries. Are there any There are some You may not have them But there are some of the classic ones obviously are. The person might have chest pain Which engine And so that the heart muscles just not getting adequate oxygen and after walking if you block the person gets chest pain and then they're equivalent ones where you could get like paints because your legs aren't getting adequate blood flow. Surprisingly enough lower back pain might be in the same category but for a different reason. And that is that. If you're not getting enough of blood supply to your lower back. The discs start to degenerate and so this disease is now thought to be one of the manifestations of arterial disease amazingly enough And less person. Imagine that's quite rare. Researchers have looked at Autopsy studies of young people who are tragically killed in car wrecks or something like that and they found that there are serious artery blockages in kids as young as eighteen. And twenty. where it's because they lost an entire lumbar artery. So the bottom line years this starts early on the classic Canary in the coal mine. the big. Sign that you're gonna artery. Disease is in men in direct. The guy who's forty years old and goes to the doctor fight for viagra. He does not have a performance anxiety. What he's got narrow arteries But that of course doesn't apply to a woman so there are these warning signs. You do see them. Sometimes but for the most part you don't know you can have narrowed arteries and never know it. So that's why. Dr look at your blood pressure your cholesterol and your weight and your smoking To see if we can predict who's got atherosclerosis. Fontham line live in america. Assume you got it. It's just that comet. So that means lambaste. I'd get again. Get rid of the fried stuff as you as you doing. Get rid of the junk. And luckily artery disease can be

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