Farmers Are Feeling the Pain as Drought Spreads in the Northwest


Nicole burg's wheat is so short and sparse. She doesn't think that combine can reach it without eating. Rocks combines don't like dirt and rocks at all like it. They don't like to eat them. They'll get indigestion. Berg is a dry land wheat farmer in the sweeping horse heaven hills of southeast washington state. She puts out one head amid a sea of wheat. See how the we had his curled like that and then you break into it you might have some berries down here but this will be empty all empty. There's no week in inside the we'd head. The berg's aren't the only one suffering. The region is bone dry from near the canadian border. Clear to the edge of nevada and the drought is spreading west over the cascades. Jeff mardi is a drought expert for the washington state department of ecology. He says despite good snowpack it hasn't been this dry since the nineteen twenty s. You know the story of the your gatien haves and have nots. Meaning those folks who Get their water from rivers or storage are probably going to be fine For their your gatien needs but the dry land users and the folks that have cattle that depend on forage on the ranch lands. They may be more challenged looking ahead. Marty says the warming climate mean more rain for the north west but also much less snowpack that melts sooner. That could stress water supplies even more this spring. It's also been windy here. Further drying out the landscape like a blow dryer on the east end of the columbia river gorge cattle rancher. Gary has is having a hard time to recently. Sold seventy mother cows with calves at their sides. To another operator out of wyoming. They had many more good cavs in them and he hated to see them go but he has no grasp to keep them.

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