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Good afternoon. Good evening wherever you find yourself in this entire world. I welcome you. So how are you doing today. My friend my warrior. I certainly hope this week finds you well so today. I'd like to welcome listeners. For the first time this week from the country of peru we are very glad you joined us and we hope you will find your experience here helpful. We also like to remind you. That gifts are available to remember those killed in the military and line of duty at the mary store. Especially as we approach memorial day here in the united states. I encourage you to visit. Www dot store that mary mack dot info and buy something nice for someone who means so much to you so today i like to talk to you about when you attend an event and you feel invisible now sometimes when we are grieving the death of a loved one and we feel compelled to go to an event or gathering yet. We really aren't able to fully express our happiness for someone because we're feeling so sad. We might find that we are going through the motions and feeling invisible. Everyone there seems quite cordial. They even come up to us and ask how you're doing and you say i'm doing well. Thanks to which you respond and how you doing and all they say. I'm doing well to thank you. And that's the end of the conversation doesn't go any further and he saw very disconcerting. I remember they scenario very well. Many times after i was craving the death of a loved one just so familiar. Someone comes up to you and ask how you're doing and you respond with one line and then you ask them how they're doing and they respond with one line and then the awkwardness creeps in and mostly you just pause and sometimes after the pause one of you decide to get up and offer the other one something to drink. Maybe coffee or some food just to bypass the very awkward space when no one's really talking or carrying about how you really are. Because if they really did want to know or hear how you were and give you a little bit more time to delve into what's really going on with you for real. They may not know how to deal with the answer and they may not know how to respond to that answer so they don't want to delve in any deeper. It could put them in a very very precarious situation that they don't want to be involved with and then there are plenty of people who look at you and don't want to come over to you at all or you have a situation where younger people don't even know how to answer you when you greet them. Sometimes it's just quite bizarre so exactly. Why am i explaining this to you. While because even after all these years and all these losses that i've endured the one thing that i still have incredible trouble with is to be tolerant of people who are superficial superficial in their words superficial in their actions superficial and how they treat others. So if you attended different events in your family or in your partner's family and you found what i found. You might ask yourself exactly. Why am i doing this to myself and you might find that you will continue to do this because you love your loved ones and you do it for them but when you are first braved chances are you won't have the strength or energy or the ability to tolerate this kind of nonsense. You watch from afar. How people treat each other and they haven't even had a significant death in their life that they're grieving for you watch them go through the day or event superficially hugging one another with one arm only halfway around their back. Not even touching the person's frame instead of completely embracing them with both arms wrapped around them with kisses and affection. They never come close enough to his them on the cheek. And it's such a sad thing to see it's bad enough when you see it with a friend or a neighbor or someone whom you're not that close with but when you see it with their own brothers and sisters parents and cousins it just really stands out to me now. I'm sure there are many people who don't even think twice about this. This is how they were brought up and they think this is perfectly and normal but when you see people who completely embrace and love one another you will definitely see the difference. Life is so very short we never know when our last day on this earth will be and i guess i just really wish that people could understand how important it is to embrace and love one another whom we claim to love because regret is one of the most difficult emotions to overcome. You just can't take back what you haven't done and worse what you never knew you could do to make your relationship stat much more sweet and embracing them and loving them fully and completely is such a simple task so when you're at an event even though you may be feeling invisible and very sad because most people there do not understand you take the time to grab them and hug them fully and make them feel that they are important in your life. It may be the first time anyone has ever embrace them at that level. And wouldn't that be wonderful so now it's time to get up and dance dance dance and i know you still think this is pretty

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