Chrissy Teigen Minding Her Business, Living Life Despite 'Cancel Club'


Got to talk about Chrissy Teagan because she wants us to talk about her, and that's what we do. But I know you guys talked about this Instagram post. That she made last week. I wasn't here. The one where she basically was like, Yeah, the cancel club sucks. But I've got to say some, You know, I can't be silent anymore. And yada yada yada. What was your guys' take on on all of that. I'm trying to remember other than just the obvious, which is There is no such thing. As the cancel club because You weren't canceled right? The fact that you are complaining about It's not that she doesn't have her own journey that is valid and full of ups and downs, And I'm sure a certain amount of stress and or pain And when people come at you on the Internet, that can be a painful thing. Mhm But literally the week before she talked about how it's hard to be a member of the cancel club. She was gallivanting around the Mediterranean with her other high profile celebrity, privileged friends, and she was sharing that all on social media. So right. It's really like it, but But we did the thing that we do, which is to say here on the Colleen and Bradley show, we go deep in the shallow, so it was like, Well, what's the point of somebody who so clearly is living a life of privilege? Saying that they were cancelled and talking about it at length right now on social media, like there has to be another purpose, right? And, um One imagines it's too Stay relevant for a reason that we're not quite sure about. We just don't know yet. She's obviously 12. Well, I mean, I mean, maybe part of what she's trying to stay relevant for is the fact that she actually lost. Partnerships. As more people came forward and talked about the things that Chrissy Teagan said about them. And as long as she can stay in the public eye, there's a prayer that she might get some of that stuff back.

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