Fauci Is the Mascot for Big Government


Of fao she has become the caricature of big pharma. Big government anti-freedom measures and quite honestly he has become the mascot of unreasonable and corrupt decisions. That have been made from our government. Now vouch iw. Is someone that we've talked about for quite some time. F- ouchi is a great example of what happens when government gets too big when government gets too big. You get these rather clever. Sly devious and dare i say slippery. Operators who are able to be a permanent attribute of the system they. They're very difficult to remove. They know what to say it congressional hearings they know how to get and receive congressional funding. They know how to turn people against each other they are experts in failing upwards the never got anything consequential they have no massive successes two point two instead he can just say a been here for forty years and somehow that allows him to stay. It's almost as if he has a black male file on every single person is department. He is the highest paid employee of the entire federal government

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