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It is the doomsday podcast. We are back with a A special edition the opening of training camp and sad is it is edward and i are in different places. We attempted to be together. It didn't quite work out but the one thing. I have some joy in that somebody else's paying for your trip this year i think it was I think it was two years ago. Perhaps that That that You you were with the doomsday on the doomsday. But you were in the middle of finalizing your deal with espn. so now. If i have my math correct this makes it like two years that you've been back with. Espn it is it Is it great to be back in oxnard and at our favorite hotel in ventura a hard time even adjusting without me. I mean and you know you can be honest all. It's always disappointing that you know you can't when when you're talking about espn covering my expenses versus the doomsday. Podcast covering my travel. Expenses seems to me that you've been able to work in a family vacation of sorts with training camp visits most recently so i do miss meredith and parker not being able to see the sights while i drive you to and from training camp and we replied out our strategy as to our contents doomsday podcast. But i. i am glad that at least one of us was invited to be out here was was able to get a credential to be out here for the very opening at camp. I know that you think that you may come out later. And i think that would be outstanding. I'll be back here again next weekend agree. Spn and I think it's great that there's some level of normalcy at least in the equation. Now i mean it's still not normal the to surge of the delta variant california los angeles county implemented an indoor mask order again last week which caused me to wonder whether the cowboys would back out of coming to training camp at all. But i think we saw from jerry jones today that this is a mission that he embraces. He wants to be You know on the leading edge of the nfl. Getting america american business back to whatever the new normal is going to be and so us dairy committed to bringing the cowboys back to california oxnard for training camp for the first time in. Yes what two years now three years so there are some limitations in place by the cowboys. Got the nfl to approve their plan. And that didn't happen with everybody. The pittsburgh steelers were not allowed to go to a trope pennsylvania even though they're reporting this week early as well because the two teams are meeting the hall of fame game in in two weeks. But i think it's great that the cowboys are back here. That football is returning and that there is some expectation. That'll be a more normal engagement than it was last year. Right live from free donation productions with our producer. Mark frito friedman. Who looks really good. By the way after both of our medical issues it is the doomsday. Podcast friedel if you would play the music. All right near it is it will reporting live from oxnard california and He is kind of in his own personal studio as we speak. And if you would count take us through The cowboys arrived yesterday. We take this on wednesday evening. Not just a few hours after the cowboys News conference you've been doing live hits for.

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