Longtime Poker Pro Layne Flack Dies Unexpectedly at 52


Unfortunately we have lost a poker legend japan. I guess that's right where we should start six time bracelet winner lane flak unexpectedly passed away the other day man so sad found dead at his home on monday night. And obviously all these moments are always really sad arrested discuss but especially when somebody is young in lane was was was fifty two years old. He was a vibrant personality to say the least guy who always had a smile on his face. And the guy. Chad who i think of and tell me if you agree is like one of the geez you know. It's like back in the day in the poker boom. It's like layne. Flack would be mentioned among poker's biggest names and he's kind of held debt forever for twenty years and he keeps he kept popping up and popping up and popping up. It's just a tremendously as sad loss for the poker community It was it was felt you could see it across social media so many but wayne in sharing memories about him And just like you said reiterating that he was such a force in the poker world in a positive one at that. He was always putting a smile on people's faces. It has always cracking jokes. I seen a lot of people saying he had the quickest mind the sharpest wit and they had ever seen in the poker world and my interactions with lane over. The years seemed to support that He was always jovial. he was always Had some sort of quit that he was ready to rattle off and six time. Bracelet winner had the nickname back. Back-back flack which is one of the greatest nicknames in in poker and It's interesting so you went back to back bracelets of one two bracelets and back to back years of the world soccer two thousand to two thousand three but he really got the nickname back in one thousand nine hundred nine when he shipped back to back titles in back to back days at the i think it was the a. Poke knows a poker of legends. I believe it was out in. La so Yet a lot of repeats if you will in that moniker back-to-back flack and like you said just fifty two years old it just uh Gone too soon. Much like a good friend of his Years ago and gavin

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