Jeffrey Toobin Returns to CNN After Exposing Himself on Zoom Call


Just seven months ago. Jeffrey toobin was fired by the new yorker magazine and went on. Leave from cnn for performing a sex act during a zoom meeting with colleagues. That he did not know was still happening but he returned to the airwaves on thursday. And was they asked this question. It's the one that's been on his mind. Take a look. What the hell were you thinking. Well i wasn't thinking very well or very much and It was something that was inexplicable to me. I didn't think i was on the call. I didn't think other people could see me so often you had turned off your camera wrecked. I thought that i had turned off the zoom call. Now that's not a defense. This was deeply moronic and indefensible. And trying now to say how sorry. I am sincerely in in in in all seriousness. Above all i am sorry to my wife and to my family. But i'm also sorry to the people on the zoom

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