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The night of november eighth twenty ten in markham ontario canada. It seems like every other quiet monday. Evening markham's maybe not the most exciting place in the world but it's a good community to raise a family and since toronto is less than an hour away. There's plenty of big city stuff with an easy distance while still being away from a lot of the big city problems that is until a nine one one call comes into dispatch sometime after ten pm on the other. End of the line is a terrified girl. Living in a nightmare and here is that call pulled from j. c. criminal psychology youtube song. That's where are you right. Can you no avenue. man heard. Don't know that there was a lot going on in that. What did you hear so it sounds like she's saying someone broke into their house. Was that maybe something about money. It's a little hard to tell because she sounds so frantic. I mean it's even hard to understand her on her own but then but then someone is screaming in the s. Yes so that her dad. Yes who the person who made that call was twenty four year old jennifer pan. She lives at the house. Police responded to with her mom. Big ha and her dad haunt according to an article from cbc news. Her dad was found outside where he had gone running too when we heard him screaming on the nine one one call and jennifer still tied up upstairs bound to the banister with shoelace. Han is rushed to the hospital and jennifer tells police that multiple intruders came into her house demanded money and then tied her up and attacked her parents. She said she heard gunshots. And then that's when her dad ran outside while she was on the phone with nine one one okay. So where's big will. Police don't find her until they go down to the basement. Were they see her lying on the floor with a blanket over her head she has been shot and it's clear that big hough is already dead. No police arranged for big hoss body to be transported for autopsy while han is airlifted toronto to be treated while he's in a coma and jennifer is transported to the hospital to be checked out for any injuries now. Meanwhile police start processing the pans house. They don't find any sign of forced entry and nothing in my research details. Any forensics like fingerprints that are found or even a murder weapon or shell casings or anything like that. So you know while they're going through this while this is going on. Doctors are giving jennifer lea clear and she is then taken down to the police station where they get a full statement from her around. Three o'clock on the morning of november ninth. They are on video. She tells police that everything about her monday night had been perfectly normal. Her mom went line dancing like she does every week while her dad stayed home and jennifer watch. Tv up in her bedroom. Her little brother felix is away at university in hamilton ontario. About an hour away so he wasn't home for any of what happened. According to karen. Kay hose reporting for toronto life magazine. Jennifer tells police that she heard her mom get home from line dancing around nine thirty like she usually does. Her dad was already asleep. And since jennifer was starting to doze off to the tv in her room upstairs. She didn't go down to say good night sometime after she fell asleep. Jennifer is suddenly jolted awake and from her bed. Jennifer says that she could hear her mom downstairs and she could even kind of see out and it looked like she was calling out for her dad to come down so not totally sure. What was going on generous. As she turned down the volume to hear better and sure enough. She recognized her mom calling for her dad but she could hear that big hough wasn't alone there were other unfamiliar voices talking to her. According to jennifer's own recollections to the york region police. she was so terrified that she couldn't even get out of bed at first but after a few minutes her fear for her parents took over the fear for her own safety jennifer crap out of bed and tiptoed over to the door to try and see what was happening instantly. She realised she made a huge mistake because standing right outside of her bedroom was a strange man with string in his hands and he lunged at her. Oh my god. Heart pounding jennifer. There was nothing she could do as her hands were tied viciously behind her back. She says the man told her that he had a gun in all jennifer had to do is follow his orders do what he said and nobody would get hurt. Jennifer says her attacker started demanding money dragging her bound in stumbling through the bedrooms yelling at her to hand over all of the cash jennifer directed him to all the money she knew about from her own savings she stored in her room to some. Us currency her mom had her dresser. But it wasn't enough when the man hold her down the stairs. She said she had no choice but to follow his lead into the kitchen where to other. Strange men were holding her parents at gunpoint. Everything was happening so fast it was terrifying blur as the intruders yelled about wallets and big hough in. Han tried to talk in their native language. Just then one of the men lost patients and pistol whipped haunt jennifer or calls the police. How scared she was. All she could do was watch. Her mom started to cry and plead for only daughters safety. Jennifer got one last look at her family before she was dragged back upstairs and tied to the banister it felt hopeless completely out of control until jennifer felt something pressing against her side that gave her hope. Today's episode is made possible with caliber. I've gotten really good at recognizing things that stress me out and trying to avoid them but sometimes it's just not realistic. 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