A highlight from 303: Understanding The Different Reasons We Have Sex


Tried what's going on guys. Thanks for tuning in. We hope you have a wonderful day. Wherever in the world you are listening from. Yeah we are currently in costa rica right now avoiding the rains. Although it's the beginning of the rainy season. So i think we're gonna have a lot of rain coming up pretty soon but you can't have appreciation for the sunshine is so true all the green lush jungle that we have around here rain is necessary. Feel like there's a metaphor for life in relationships in here. Yes that some cheesy joke. Oh right well. In today's show we are interviewing caroline houser and caroline is a german trained naturopathic doctor humanistic psychotherapist and author of blossom. Seven steps to sexual healing. And she's made it her mission to help as many couples as possible from feeling frustrated stuck in disconnected in their intimacy to feeling connected excited and fulfilled and she could buy her knowledge about emotional healing and spiritual truth to help couples reconnect and create an intimate relationship. That fulfils their body soul and spirit. In today we talk with caroline about the two main drivers of sex one being our biological drive for sex. And then the other for bonding. In how if we can shift to a bonding approach. We might see benefit. It's not necessarily for everyone. And she goes into the details but the science makes sense but basically biologically driven sex beget dopamine is and then we get lows from the drop in dopamine whereas a bonding approach is more oxytocin in more sustainable and a lot of ways and really make sense in she describes you know why you ado each how you would do it. But if you're really wanting to implement this which it it sounds very interesting. Probably have to read more in depth and she gives us the tools to do it step by step but this is a great overview in something the

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