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For hillsdale dot com. Paid for by W. ABC traffic in transit in the Bronx. There's an accident on the eastbound Cross Bronx Expressway Approaching the Sheridan Traffic is heavy right off of the George Washington Bridge out to this Sheridan on the Cross Bronx in the westbound Cross, Bronx Still Moving slowly from Westchester Avenue out to the G W got delays here on the South bound Bruckner as well from White Plains Road Right on down towards 149th Street. Digging northbound. Still heavy from third Avenue. Up to the cross. Bronx, South bound Egan. Fine. And there's a backup on the Harlem River Jibe bumper to bumper traffic north Beyond From the one forties. Up to the G W B West Side highway looks good up to the George. The out found Lincoln about 5 to 10 minute delay. About the 2025 minutes back up here out down at the Holland Tunnel in Jersey, Route one and nine, is still jammed in both directions, but especially south between one and nine very heavy and the local and express lanes by Norc Airport. An accident, closing down the north bound express lanes at McClelland Street with an accident investigation. I'm J Trolleys Talk radio 77 w. ABC do your part to reduce waste and recycle right. Many of us are ordering more items such as food and other goods

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