First 'Eyes of Tammy Faye' Trailer Reveals Jessica Chastain's Incredible Makeover

Ace and TJ


There's a trailer for new movie. That's out in september. I think you guys might be interested in. It's called the eyes of tammy faye and it's a bio pic about tammy faye bakker and jim baker starring andrew garfield and jessica chastain. It's one of the top trending videos since it was posted yesterday. This trailer has nearly two million views and people are blown away. That jessica chastain. Gorgeous red haired bombshell looks. Look just like tammy faye bakker now. I don't have a lot of experiences. Was a story in the late eighties early nineties but people seem to be really interested in this in this movie. That's coming out just no if you weren't that's not your time period. This was the think it was massive and it was on every channel nightline late night tv. Comedians joked about it was everywhere for a long time. It was a big big big story when it broke

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