A highlight from Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast 6/21/21--Weekend Recap


June the twenty first as we get set for well the final full week of june. Royal ascot in the books. We didn't talk really any royal ascot. Because i didn't really watch much of it. I told you there. All the other shows steve bic. Those guys they're going to give you way better stuff on that than i can i. Can i be honest with that. I know that but who else is going to talk to you about. You know pick for equity and you know the advantage of win vs place in show pool. Where else going to get that kind of kind of good stuff right here right here. We'll talk a little bit about what went on the the races this weekend. You know again i. I always hate using the term quiet saturday. Because it wasn't it was there was a lot of tracks running in there. There wasn't like the top in stakes races. Which is stupid. And that's not the way to look at it. And i need to be better than that so i'm going to say. It was a good saturday goods. Sunday and a good friday eve of of racing around the country who will look back at At some of it here over the next forty minutes got a couple of little topics. I wanna talk about in regards to some of those races. Just some general stuff as well Give you a little look about what's coming up this week again. I'm hitting the road on wednesday to go down to tampa bay downs. We will i. I mentioned i bought a a second microphone i was. I was testing out over the weekend. I was interviewing my my landlord person that i stay with here in oregon and had them take the mic and sit across the table and figured out how to get it all set up and had to edit it and how to do it properly and i think it sounded pretty good which i'm excited for because over the next many weeks. I'm hoping to do some more in person interviews I think that you know by my time obviously gets a lot busier during these longer. Announcing zero grants pass. We only run two days a week. And so it's it's pretty easy to still make all the time i need and then some for the podcast and i can still have all the time i need for the podcast and stuff when i'm announcing at the other places. It's just that finding the windows of time is a little bit tougher in regards to guests colonials running during the day this year so i have to either interview people early in the morning east coast time or later in the evening east coast time and so i'm guessing it'll probably be more later than evening. I'm gonna try to start doing some interviews on sundays to just so that way. It's less rush in fact i'm doing an interview on sunday for for this week's show but i'm very excited with the prospect of getting to do some more in person interviews. I think it'll add something to the interview experience. I've done a handful of them Over the few years. And i just think that it can hopefully be a little bit more of a conversation than an interview. I always try to make it a conversation. But it's going to be an interview with me asking questions and you get some people who are maybe close friends with her. You know well in and you can kind of get into that more conversational flow. But i think over the phone. It is tougher to have. That verbal cues are just such a big part of the you know the back and forth of a conversation so Very excited to to try that. We will As i get down to tampa. I think we'll probably do one in person interview with the horse player. Down there and I've kind of already got that one somewhat scheduled bowl probably over the next three weeks. I'm gonna be down there for week so we'll probably be a little tap centric that week And then the week. I'm gonna between going to colonial and finishing tampa. I'm going to go up to louisville. And so i got some interviews scheduled with some churchill folks and stuff like that and so we'll do some Some louisville themed content and then my first weakened richmond will probably do some colonial themed content. And i kinda did that. Twenty nine thousand nine. When i was doing all my travels. I mean i was in places for longer chunks of time and so it wasn't like it was like hey here's two months of monmouth and here's two months of colonial but i think it's kind of fun to You know immersive the show a little bit more in some of the stuff i'm doing and just some of the people and situations and all that kind of stuff. So that's that's kind of the tentative plan for the next little bit and as via gift suggestions people you'd like to hear on the show. Oh yeah i forgot. I set up a new email for the show. I just thought you know what i've been putting this off. Long enough it's It should be hopefully pretty easy to remember for everyone. it is bima podcast at gmail.com. Very easy beam podcast be. Em my last name. Beam podcast at gmail.com That will be the The place to send any and all emails that you guys want to send whether it's feedback whether it's guest suggestions whether it's questions comments etc it's kinda just one of those things where i just need to set up a boundary between work and personal because i've been giving out my personal email and it comes right to my phone. Alerts me you know. Sometimes they're coming. In when. I'm trying when i'm either going to sleep or just waking up and i don't wanna have work tied to me at all hours of the day in that sense. I'm you my my. My jobs are not jobs right. They're fun and i love that about them. And it's kind of more lifestyle than job. But that being said like i do want to create some boundaries of time and access and all that kind of stuff so If you would going forward beam podcast gmail.com if you said one to the old email address. I'll probably just create an auto reply that says for a show related stuff please. Email beat podcast. A g mail dot com. And i understand that you know. I mean not. Everybody who emails is probably listening today. And i'll probably mention it over the next several days and weeks As we go just a reminder but It's not like a mad if you send it to the a one. I'm just going to remind. Hey we're sending them this one my goals to check it at least once a day or every other day so i probably won't be as efficient but i think that's a good thing i get set just for setting up time boundaries trying to do that whole work life balance things so beam podcast

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