President Biden, Putin And President Putin discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


I'm Lee Silver. Sarah Fox News. President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin were cordial during today's meeting in Geneva. But for the most part, the to remain far apart in many key areas on cybersecurity. President Biden says he gave Putin a 16 items do not hack list, Putin alleges that's misplaced, the president says. Did not threaten retribution for ransomware, but posed an interesting question. President Biden also brought up President Putin's political rival, Alexey Navalny, who remains in prison. Putin and says he accused the US of prosecuting people for political reasons. Apples and oranges. According to Biden, Fox is Peter Doocy in Geneva. The two did agree to send their ambassadors back to their respective capital. Former President Trump's take on the meeting. I think it was a good day for Russia. I don't see what we got out of it. Trump speaking to Fox's Sean Hannity, and he said President Biden gave up something extremely valuable in the Nord Stream pipeline and nothing was gotten for it. The pipeline watches online will deliver gas from Russia to Europe. Last month, a Biden administration waive sanctions on the Russian company behind the project, and what experts say is an attempt to improve relations with Germany. Lawyer for Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing George Floyd says his client should get a new trial. Attorney Eric Nelson says intense publicity before the trial misconduct by the prosecution and some decisions by the court made it impossible for shoving to get a fair trial. Prosecutors say Nelson is trying to undo the verdict. Just Peter Kale still needs to make a ruling. Show them was convicted of murdering George Floyd while Floyd was in police custody. He's set to be sentenced next week. Rob Dawson FAQ stands China has launched three crew members on a mission to its new space station and its first crewed mission in five years. America is listening to Fox News. Okay? Jason in the house that Jason Chaffetz podcasts. There is always someone doing something stupid somewhere dive deeper than the

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