Raising Doubts for the Netherlands in UEFA Euro Tournament



Go right into Let's go right into group c and we've got holland austria ukraine north macedonia off the top. We've been very critical of frank de boer. You especially with your feelings of love for dutch coaches but they're not gonna screw this up in the groups because it just have far too many good players. I mean this will be the worse. It will be the worst flop that we've seen worse than germany. Twenty eight hundred the world cup worse than anything as you want franz in. Oh to anything that you can think of if this crus- up in the groups that in a group like this with north macedonia and and on ukraine ukraine australia arguably the worst of the six groups. That's all an open group as well. Because i do think that because there should be a similar level replay differently and they've got different strengths and assets weaknesses and northwestern gray story. And who knows maybe surprised if you people but certainly for holland. I don't think the boys are good manager. We've said that before Sunday at club level nine managed to almost destroyed. Everything good accumulated builds when he was in charge of this national team. They've got so much talent in every position and tries make them play in a formation with three by that doesn't suit either dutch footballing historically but also this squads he he. He certainly has taken a lot of the momentum that they

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