Climbing the Charts with Omar Esa

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Salama example. Hating haydn. I feel like with ramadan recordings and this was going to go after the holy month. That people are going to be back up today. Usual kind of energy levels. But it's a bit draining and we're coming to discussing becomes at the end of the month exactly Time has flown. But for me at least like my my my mental capacity times inability to like get the words out find difficult. It's difficult. I'll go on office at home. So i'm trying to do work and i just get so lazy. Yeah and i wanna scientists literally start you literally falling to see more when you. I don't know why that is recommended. Actors all right even even seafood about one hundred eighty nine. We'll we'll take again. I'm in terms of the context of this conversation. I think there's there's a lot of different things we can talk about But i for me. The most significant thing that people might have seen very recently. Is that your most recent album. Yep or did all you'll be very well on launch and and made it to the the fourth spot on the june charts and not like the issue chance now. I like the the everything charge. I remember it was around the time that diem. Mx had passed away. And i remember when i was looking like the mx his greatest hits because normally when someone dies yeah they greatest hits to number one exactly but it was all maurice number four and then the mx his number five. What what did you do. How did this happen. I'm answering one of other things. I'd is that it's a vocal only album as well off of your tracks of oklahoma. So it's i guess very different from from everything else in the in the chart. What the hell happened. you know. it's all thanks. Are less panel. Darla actually peaked at number three hundred so what it did was that. I don't know to be honest. You microlight our. I don't have a an independent recording is so there's not many But has no report labels for vocal only the sheet artists and i. She's vocals anyway literally just my vocals and it was. It was crazy. Like i remember having a chat on the on the phone. You you said to me that happened. I what was like a Now there's no campaign it's put out. I've been working on it for two years the album. It's my best body of work. So i was confident in it. You know In the body of work. And i remember it was friday and it hit the number one spot on the choose chart and then in the evening call from a friend and he goes know your number fully on the main char and what so when and i went wrong number four you there and then it just brought his kept growing from there. It's a video lope asking people to support me and people on the you know the the brothers and sisters Came together support me and yeah it was a it was. It was

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