Rep. Andy Biggs on Why Dr. Fauci Should Claim Responsibility for His Mistakes


Is a public figure to even worse. He's not even elected like he has a job, no matter what. And there's this whole like victim Fauci Movement Congressman. I find kind of repulsive. It's not personal. He made really bad decisions and being that public dollars have paid him When you agree to open to public scrutiny. It's all fair game. He is fair game. He is a target. He is the guy. He may not have implemented the policy, but he encouraged the policy decisions that every government at every level Enacted over this country lockdowns these the bogus mask wearing I mean people still wearing masks, even though that that that's come out as being bogus. The notion on President Trump saying, Well, it seems to have some some positive impact. He basically poo pooed that and if, if it works, like the latest study indicates that it does, and a host of a myriad of other studies, he bears the guilt or the culpability. Of people being sick people dying, He bears the culpability of an economy that lost millions of jobs, the emotional and mental illness that resulted because of his His policy advocacy. Here's the guy that they were looking to, Um and everybody used him as a justification for everything they were doing. So he has to stand up to the scrutiny because he's the guy that profound ID those policies. It's that simple.

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