Carey Price, Dr Center Lane Drive And Deborah Carlson discussed on Zach Gelb Show


Back into the zone A couple of times but can't keep it in now. March your soul hustles into the Montreal zone on the backhand throws it in front. Carlson turned away. Nice say, by Carey Price there. Remember that one if the Canadians are able to come back, Dr Center Lane Drive, right, Deborah Carlson, Great Dragon. The pad by Carey Price to make the stop. Now it's Marcia. So brings it back in peels as he gets to the right hash. Mark finds a man middle of the ice. They move it around, and Smith denied by carry prices. He moves to his left another nifty look and save their Golden Knights starting to move the puck around from the line, a long shot blocker it away by price and licking and nudges it ahead to center where Suzuki will get it into the Vegas zone. Like and then runs it down on the right boards. He let one go off the stick of Fleury. It trickles to the corner that one gave the Vegas netminder a little trouble. Canadians keep it in Gallagher from the slot, and it was partially blocked by patch already and easy gloves saved. My Fleury, who has to reach back to pull it in. It looks like Montreal now at least getting a little bit of life again. The last saved by Carey Price Outstanding. Where Carlson go Right down. The middle price has to explode from right to left, but he drags his right right pad. To make this stop. Montreal's had a little bit of energy here in the third period on counterattacks. And the one thing I think my trail should do when they're dumping the puck in. Don't dump it at the goaltender, dumping in behind the net and allow Marc Andre Fleury to play the puck and go for that Ms Exchange goaltender a defenseman. So Pietrangelo moments ago with the go ahead goal and Edmondson off the face off trying to get one to the net that was shrugged

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