That Time I Realized My Boob Was Out


That time i realized my boob was out. Let's just say it was awkward for everyone involved. There are specific moments in life. That will regrettably stay with a person forever. Whether or not you'd like to believe that these moments shape you somehow into the person you are meant to be is still up for debate. All i know is that one one finds their boob out in front of a total stranger. They must make the most of the situation. I was frantically cleaning my house back in a time when i still needed to clean my house because i was still allowed to have guests come over for visits. It was a smoldering hot summer day in central alberta which made my house temperature close to thirty above as i did not have an air conditioner at the time full disclosure. I blame this entire event on the fact that he didn't have a c. And now make sure. There is a unit in every home in which i live so as not to flash any more random people accidentally i put on my loose fitting green strapless dress as it was the coolest article of clothing. I had in my closet when i clean. I don't stop for anything. This is likely because. I hate cleaning and just want to get it over with. I removed the junk placed three loads of laundry on the line and started wiping down the windows and mir's with windex. Then the doorbell rang. I debated answering it but had the thought that it may be something important like that one time. I was writing in my home office. And unbeknownst to me my toddler son had called nine. One one and a cop showed up at my door. Explaining there was a strange call to nine one one from our household lars was hiding in his room at the time with our cordless phone knowing all too well that he had done something very bad

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