Caufield, Gustafson And Corey Perry discussed on Zach Gelb Show


By four red shirted Canadians, and finally, Gustafson pulls it out and skates to center ice rink wide. Tyler took Foley, who led the team and power play goals in the regular season with Sabbath. Grinned around the boards sealed off by Corey Perry. And now back to the left point. It's cold Caufield. Caulfield. The rookie 20 years of age out of the University of Wisconsin has the Montreal goal tonight gets it back from Suzuki, who assisted on it, and it's chopped off his stick by Smith out center ice. Golden Knights want to make a quick change on the penalty killers. Caufield winds it up and comes through the neutral zone, Pedes it across the line, had it blocked and slaps it behind the net, and Fleury keeps it moving. Suzuki trying to see a little in the corner, but he's unable to do so in the nights send it back. So adjustments have been made by Vegas on the penalty kill. Montreal has not been able to make a readjustment. Montreal not able to get the puck into the middle That bumper man to take off pressure. Final 30 seconds of the power play now for the Canadians, as they dump it in and try to recover possession. Josh Anderson can't get it back behind the head. Brayden. McNabb moves it ahead for the Golden Knights and Mark Stone sweeps at the rest of the way. So now minute 20 gone in the period.

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