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Welcoming sedition espn f. I'm dan thomas joining the ceo. Today by shack. I don hutchison and stevie nikko with us as well. We also welcome to the program at yogi klinsmann gap mock altea water day. It has been of course over the focus very much on that incident in copenhagen that saw christian generics collapsed and just before halftime the front page of the danish newspaper. Editor bloody sums up quite nicely. Denmark lose life wins. It looked for quite a long time. That second statement might not be valid as christian erickson fought for his life on the pitch in front of the world of football. This is how the trainer morten boatswain sore it. I haven't talked with christian family in detail. So i'm not gonna say anything in detail. Ronel but i want to see what we've seen and what have been seen on the screen. We were called in a pinch when chretien fell down. I didn't see myself but it was pretty clear that he was unconscious when i get to him. He he's on his side. He is breathing and i feel is ball's suddenly that changes and as everyone saw is we started giving him cpr. The hell came really really fast from from the medical team and the rest of the staff and with their cooperation. We we did what we had to do. And we managed to get christian back. He speaks to me before he. He's taken to hospital to two more analysis motorboats speaking through a translator. Even herod again. Even though we saw happen is still. The whole scene was just quantum believable show a surreal thing my own emotions. Kind of summed up those of of of everybody involved in this game. No not just those on the field that you this is the worst scenario. You could hope for in watching football. You fear the worst. That's your natural instinct on then. Eventually when the news comes that at least he's alive. A you have a sense of euphoria about you in recognizing what that means what that means christine erickson what that means to the game of football hearing the trina talk and in his woods as per as the interpreter interpreter we managed to get christian back that speaks volumes to exactly how serious the situation was. Exactly how close we would having a very different discussion around what happened and it puts so much of a game that we loved again that we've all played and continue to watch it puts much of it into context. We talk about emotion of the game the value of results and the highs of winning and the lowest of losing and this somehow in a moment made all of that completely irrelevant. And we all celebrate the outcome. Never mind the result of the for bogey. We all celebrate the outcome. that christian. erickson. Whether newman not whether you're dino not but you're an intimate l'enfant we all celebrate the fact that he's alive and at least communicating with those around it not just from a point of just from a life point of view that you're watching a fellow human being literally on the edge and you just sit with my wife and you're watching it and you just thinking. What is his family thinking. How are they coping donaldson. Bits watching it. I really was really emotional watching it and everything's unfold in your and you think it'd be immediate family. You think your friend these kids the on the on all of the fans inside say the danes under finished. Supporters was incredible. It was very touching what his teammates to try to protect them as well which is a great image. The medics that will get on the pitch try and save his life as quick as possible than a fantastic job and it has said you the the natural thing inside of you when it's unfolded in front is fearful for the outcome and you're so scared of the outcome it makes you really emotional and enter here the good news afterwards so it makes you a little bit joyous note. That makes you smile. You can see the players in a. I felt for them coming back onto the pitch trying to play the game but it was just really heartbreaking and roller and brutal to try and watch. It was incredible really wants one site that was sending staggering. Cv and the initiative is t makes very quickly was to build that that kind of barrier around them which which is something that i think will live for a long long time for all of us. Yeah no question. I think. I think the thing that stuck was the fact that the actually too much fish in the other way because it just couldn't luke a how luke yourself you you you see what's happening and you don't want to look at it and you look away but then you want to see a sign you see a spark of of life and the player himself but as you said before the way the players handle yes. The cry yes works. Yeah yeah tell you who have made the decision to just go around. What grid decision you're going. It was one of those moments as a spectator where time almost stopped. Everything was happening in slow motion whole football world. Not only the football people were completely under shock and and we all bring and started praying and and do kind of set your priorities differently. Within a split second on priority number one was only about his life getting back getting back. And let's pray and obviously written into positive. News came at a little bit later. It was a huge relief for all for all of us. And i can only imagine what went through the mind of of the players of the coaching staff of defense in the stadium. Everybody was part of this tragedy for for a couple of hours. So things god now thanks. God he's he's a his us is in stable conditions end and everything seems to be okay and obviously than the game being played becomes kind of a secondary. It's not that important. Obviously the loss game one nil. Now you can discuss abandoned was it right was it wrong. Obviously the players cannot be in a perfect mindset. that's impossible obviously. The the game ended up with a penalty and a penalty and mistake by cost. Push mike that he is and the whole season with the city so it shows you that the nose right there. But i don't mind they don't mind you know. They got the game out of the way at the end of the day. It was in partnership of uefa. They asked both teams if they want to play that game. I think that's actually a youth. Signed by way of kind of discussing it with the twos veneracion's i. I think that show's character actually was now right or wrong. Leave that apart but Yeah what a day. It was and thank god. We have christian with us gavin. Talk about that decision for. Its go through today to kick off today for understand. Gave them two options. Is that right natural contingency. I'm we've seen it before used in the in the champions league in other situations where you cannot continue playing match whether it's the flood lights going out or could be weather conditions. Anything like that crowd trouble where the match is generally played the following day usually earlier in the day In this case.

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