Is Utah Rep. John Curtis Feeding Into the Marxist Propaganda About Climate Change?


I want to show you part of the problem we have here, folks. I think it's significant. This is in The Associated Press by somebody name. Matthew Dallaire daily. And break with Trump. House GOP forms Group on climate change You see as I speak, the entire focuses on critical race theory. Okay, We need to be focused on critical race theory. But there are Multiple, even myriad. Marxist movements, American Marxist movements that have been spawned from Marxism and we cannot Ignore the others. That's why this is so tough. Will continue to push this. And they write at the AP, Utah representative John Curtis says he's tired of hearing that Republicans his party colleagues don't care about climate change is slowing global warming. A former Provo mayor who has served in Congress since 2017. Curtis says Republicans can push for serious climate solutions. Holding fast to conservative values and you know, that's Bs. The whole thing is BS. To prove the point. He has formed the conservative climate Caucus. That doesn't prove the point. It just proves that you can form a caucus. And all GOP group aimed at educating fellow Republicans on climate change and advancing market based policies to counter the green new deal and other Democratic proposals. Those who watch this caucus will see Republicans do care about this earth deeply, Curtis said at a news conference. So he's bought into all the propaganda. We to want to leave this earth better than we found it. We don't need to kill the U. S economy to reach our climate goals, climate goals. What could go wrong with that? Ladies

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