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Me, Marsha, so steps in to take the draw. This time as the misfit line out there for Vegas, and nearly another turnover is Nick Holden bounces one towards the net as it came loose in the left circle. Canadians a little sloppy in their own zone with the puck and again a point shot from holding that doesn't get through blocked out of the zone. Suzuki sends it ahead partial breakaway for Caufield. He scores called Car Field with an answer just like that. The Canadians have even things up. This place starts with an end zone face off in Montreal zone. But then on the right hand side of the ice were Caulfield plays. That's how Montreal exited their own zone, and it was a play. It was along the boards. It's a blocked shot. Suzuki blocks a shot. Of holding Suzuki, who is normally the sentiment. He just immediate exchanges position As soon as the blocked shot has made, Caulfield says. I know I'm gone and he goes right to the middle of the ice. He gets into a breakaway situation. Establishes separation and then he controls the puck. Quick risk. Top corner Top glove. We're tied. 11 goes bar down just 38 seconds after the law goal, So it's all square again in Montreal. Caufield from Suzuki at 3 54 and an offside against the Golden Knights off the ensuing faceoff, So we get nothing for the entire first period and then in under 40 seconds, we get a couple of goals here early. In the second period, and we are all square at one. Those important little details with Suzuki getting into a shooting lane and blocking and he blocked it clearly able to corral it, too, so it doesn't just shoot off his pads and going right on his stick and then a perfect pass. Leading coffee, of course. Suzuki, a first round pick of none other than the Vegas Golden Knights, back in 2017, the 13th overall selections second draft pick ever in franchise history.

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