Hong Kong's Security Chief Promoted to No 2 Job Amid Crackdown


Hong kong's tive carrie. Lam has reshuffled her cabinet promoting to top security officials who led the crackdown on protests against the national security law in hong kong. The changes come just one day. After hong kong's last remaining pro democracy newspaper. The apple daily published. Its final edition after being forced to shut. its doors. well joining me. Now on the line from hong kong bureau chief and as editor james chambers. Welcome to you james. How significant others changes what. It's been a an exhausting week of news even by hong kong standards and an ends on a friday with another bombshell This is a huge announcement is one. That's taking the city by surprise and it basically doubles down on on the accusation or the suspicion that hong kong is now a police state Over the last couple of years They've been you know three individuals very much at the front and center of the government's crackdown on the pro-democracy side and that has been carrie. Lam that has been. John leader skew minister and that has been chris. Dang who's been the police commissioner Those three working hand in glove and now llamas made the decision to promote John lee to the number two position in the government so he will be The chief secretary and Christine going to step into john shoes as security minister. So we have You know to ex police offices in very senior positions in hong kong government and it is just another huge sign of weather cities heading

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