The Cecil Hotel: Terror, Murder, and Death in the World's Scariest Hotel


The great depression changed the cels neighborhood. Dramatically downtown. la once a hot spot for tourists and nightlife became a hub for newly homeless. Thousands of people flocked downtown with nowhere to live and the area. Around the sel hotel became skid row. No longer a west coast. Gatsby esque destination. The hotel became known as a hang out for drug addicts runaways and as opposed on all that interesting dot com. Put it quote criminals far from its first days as the paul of the great depression settled over the country. The seasonal became home to a growing number of suicides and unfortunate deaths. The first successful suicide on record at the seoul was in nineteen thirty one forty six year. Old w k norton was found dead in his room after having taken poison pills he was found only a few hours after he died by the made. Police found more poison capsules in his pocket. Norton had checked into the hotel is james willis from chicago but police were able to correctly. Identify him from the numerous checks. He had with them. Made out to mrs m. c. norton in manhattan beach california just about a half an hour south of la in nineteen thirty to twenty five year. Old benjamin dotage was found in his hotel room having shot himself to death. Benjamin left no note two years after that. A former sergeant in the army medical corps fifty-three-year-old. Louis de bordon slashed his own throat in his room at the hotel. He cited ill health as the reason in his suicide note. Nine hundred thirty seven. Another military veteran jumped to his death from the top of the hotel landing on a skylight below. There is maddeningly little information about these people other than how they died. Apparently the appetite for true crime wasn't quite so hardy. A hundred years ago there were so many suicides at the c. soul that by the nineteen forties. The hotel had earned the nickname the suicide

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