New Jersey Man Who Went on Racist Rant Draws Protests at His Home


Man man has has been been charged charged with with harassment harassment after after a a racist racist rant. rant. Was Was caught caught on on video. video. Last Last night, night, Protesters Protesters rallied rallied at at the the Mount Laurel home of this guy Edward Matthew. Chaos stems from a video posted online. Showing a man who police say is Matthew's using racist slurs and threatening his neighbours last week and you want to know where I was When all this happened. I don't care at work. On Friday, police charged Matthews with harassment. And biased intimidation in connection with that dispute. But then another video surfaced over the weekend allegedly showing Matthews using more racial slurs. In one of the videos, Matthews called on people to show up at his home, and dozens of protesters did just that. Monday night.

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