A highlight from Hour 2: Spider Tack


Batard show with two got spot. Cass is enraged filled with fury. Nothing makes him more upset. I thought as a new father of meows barely fourteen days old. I thought that you would be someone who would soften a little bit perspective. Nothing makes you angrier than this damn cheating story. Major league baseball players caught with any foreign substance face. A ten day suspension sources say. Jeff passan is reporting that a memo is about to be distributed to teams. Billy gill is bill. Gill will gill is infuriated by advancing. Memo's baseball is about since two thousand and twenty one dan. just send the memo. Send the goddamn memo already manfred. I'm sorry for invoking. That and i apologize god for using your name in vain but just send the memo already. What are we waiting on and these reports. Well it's going to be ten days. Did you see the report. Did you see the report early monday. It's going to be ten days with pay a punishment but with put with pay put

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