A highlight from Hour 1: Stugotz on Durant


Stu gods after that performance by kevin durant. What were you doing in the mirror last night to get ready for today. I imagine you as yes but stretching stretching the truth stretching stretching your body what are the what are the moves today that you could go to on kevin durant as he just put together a game. Then michael jordan never had michael jordan never had that game. Never mind the situation. The degree of difficulty stu gods honest to god. I think this the way that he did it. Because it wasn't a full game. It was a half. It was a half where he ends up doing the thing by himself. Kevin durant does and it was harder. Given james harden's condition than if hardened hadn't played stugatz. I'm telling you the harden. It was out there i'm stunned. Milwaukee didn't attack him relentlessly again and again. But i don't wanna turn it into a criticism of milwaukee. I wanna turn it into criticism of you. Why criticism a may i help. Kevin durant out the feeling. Kevin durant has this morning is a feeling that he's never had the and that's been my point all along. Okay when you go out there by yourself without steph without clay out raymond no kyri. No james harden even physically there. This is the reaction you get when you put a team on your shoulders. Because we all know he's capable of doing so. This is the reaction and the celebration you get for taking the hard path that okay rob himself many many many more of these opportunities crack. Did you see something that are you. What eating when you go to bagel bagel resonates in the by i loud stugatz telling kevin durant to be better while having a chunk of bagel on his lower. That's how i rolled unsurprised today. You aren't celebrating the jeff green game. You've been promising us for ten years at the line. Did anybody else on. The nets have double figures. Was it just durant and jeff green with double figures. Was that anyone else. Because i don't thinks to god's blake griffin had seventeen. Okay so when you look at what lake is back onto compo- did in that game. His greatest failings. To god's only that he's not the unprecedented six ten player. Who could do it from out there. The way durant ken because he had he had a great game last night and the bucks got nineteen nineteen from jrue holiday they got twenty five from middleton but it kevin durant was like at rucker park. You remember when kevin durant played rucker parks and he just kept raining down jumpers. Nobody can bother that guy. It's it's crazy to me. No he's great dan. we've. I've never questioned how great kevin durant. No no no no. i've questioned. What kind of competitor of his guts. His couch is gut stan and finally for a night. Last night he showed us some guts. We all knew he was capable of it. I will tell you. Janas did play great. He had that fumble at the end of the game. Oh tied the game maybe an m one and maybe the bucks go on to win the game and have a game six on their home court for the entire series. I mean that was. I mean janas cheese. What are you doing there. Jaanus has never had the moment that kevin durant did yesterday. Jaanus is not much like kevin durant been chasing lebron james the entire time now. Jaanus is chasing durant because he is a better defensive player. You can say he's as overwhelming but the criticism of honest. The only ones got is. There's one player in history at that size. That can shoot that way. It's durant jaanus isn't durant because he can't make it look that easy. There's no one in the sport not lebron not anybody stu gods who more earns the nickname easy money sniper. Because he makes it look easier than everyone else in the sport when it comes to scoring. There's simply nothing you can do. Damage jaanus doesn't have or at least doesn't have yet. I don't know if love or be able to do. It is if you look at some of the guys. We're talking about whether it's kevin durant whether it's lebron james. Even whether it's michael jordan they all have the ability just to pull up from elbow pull up from wherever and hit that jump shot as their rising. Y'all can't do that. I like it's really difficult for jaanus to get his point man he can't it gets. It's not difficult for young as to get his. The dan there was a time when where he could like. He drove into traffic. He could've just pulled up from the elbow ticket. A shoddy actually got. There was a foul called on it. Audion is he needs to just pull up and be able to take that jeopardy. Hit that jeopardy. You're asking for him to be able to do something with the history of the sport. Only durant at that size old freak. I love a poll up from the elbow lost to pull up from the elbow smile saving day. You smiled so much. When he just said the phrase elbow. I just i i. I still think though that like as much as we are asking unreasonable things of jaanus. It is still begging the question. Can you win if this is your best player because you have to have someone who is able to do that and if the bucks don't have anyone who can do that i think. In the last three minutes they fall into quicksand some of the jumpers that they took like i really felt that once brooklyn got into that lasts three minutes in a one possession game that they were going to win because they have durant and the other team doesn't have anyone who who can reliably create shots. Do god's he did something last night. That michael jordan never did that stat. Line is something jordan never did those conditions are something jordan never face.

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